Take Charge of Your
Health with emrAnyWhere


emrAnyWhere is a Healthcare Mobile Application that acts as an Extended Patient Portal where Patients can access their Health Records and also Communicate with their Healthcare Provider


Boost Quality of Care

Enhance Patient Engagement


emrAnyWhere allows patients an easy and secure  access to their health records wherever and whenever they need it. The application fetches information directly from their healthcare provider’s her/EMR or Patient Portal and enables the patient to be a part of in their own wellness process.

Solution Benefits


Faster and Streamlined Communication with Providers

Improved Patient Engagement and Quality of Care

Holistic View of Medical Records with easy download



Your Patient Portal is now on Your Phone

With emrAnyWhere, patients can:

  • Access clinical documents, lab results and reports
  • Download medical history - easy and hassle free
  • Schedule appointments with doctors
  • Request prescription refills
  • Message securely with providers
  • View relevant educational resources

Engaging Patients Anywhere

Enhance Quality of Care by Providing Access to Medical Records

The rapid growth in mobile usage requires providers to rethink their patient engagement model. Portals alone are no longer effective in keeping patients engaged, with everyone on the move, patients need ease of access. EMRAnywhwere helps in enabling patients to take charge of their personal well-being which results in better diagnosis and treatment, lower healthcare costs and more informed patients